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Gorgeous Girls Room and a Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

This is my first blog post using my Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet.  I made the collage above using a new photo editing app that I am crazy about called "Fotor" - Like their Facebook page here:  Fotor Facebook Page and edit your photos here: Fotor Website.  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A PAID AD, I just love this app and love to tell my readers about things I LOVE!!!  I'm now not only using Fotor to edit my blog pics on my Laptop, but also on my Android phone AND my Tablet!  Today's post is an experimentation of sorts and is turning out to be fun too!  I recently acquired my new Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet in order to be able to keep up with all of my business related computer tasks when I am on the go.  It has been a challenge to master this "time saver"(?) but the rewards are finally trickling in.  This is what this new baby of mine looks like:

I rarely ever used the family iPad, so I do not have "too" much experience to compare the two...(note, I am a novice... beginner tablet user).  I did have a lot of trouble bonding with this tablet in the beginning.  So to do a fair comparison and have some educated questions ready before seeking help... I spent a couple of hours playing with the iPad one night to see if I would have as much trouble bonding with that.

My son Evan advised me to go to the Microsoft store and ask for help (he of course had an anterior motive since he wanted us to pass down the old iPad to "him")...  That my friends was the best advice ever!  Wow, those employees at the Rockingham Mall Microsoft store in NH were incredibly helpful.  I went in with my tablet and said "please help me fall in love with my Surface tablet because right now I want to throw it out the window!"  They spent at least an hour going over basics and answered every question I had... solved many of my issues and set me on the path to bonding with this baby. 

Okay so I will wrap up this review since you probably came to my site to see beautiful custom furnishings for the home... not to read a technical review!  I do have jobs lined up (okay "piled" up to be honeest) on my workroom table as we speak... so I will get to those as soon as I hit the "PUBLISH" button:

I came to the conclusion that obviously the iPad is an amazing little tablet.  Two Christmas's ago, it replaced our desktop computer on the main floor that everyone would "go to" to look things up online.  But the iPad cannot take the place of the computer for school projects.  The Microsoft RT that my youngest son has can do that because it has"Office suite" including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on it... and its a great tool for online shopping, videos, social media and research, like the iPad.  So the awesome little Microsoft Surface RT tablet wins hands down for students. 

As for me... I am a business owner and Interior Designer that uses a blog for my website and I need that to be easy to update from anywhere, using photos that I took from a job and need to have easy access to those photos from my device.  I use QuickBooks Pro almost every day.  I use a Graphic Design software to do renderings for my clients.  I do not use the Office tools like others do, I simply don't need them.  Therefore, this Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is perfect for me because I have so much storage space in my tablet that I have the ability to download that software right onto it if I choose (though I'm considering going with cloud versions but I will save that for another post, another day).  I believe (now that I have nearly completed this post on the tablet) that my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will actually replace my laptop... I also believe that the Microsoft Surface RT tablet will be all my youngest son needs for school AND not only will he not miss the iPad we handed down to his brother... but he won't need a laptop or desktop computer either.

Find the tools that best suit "your" needs.  There is a tool out there for everyone and so many of our needs are different, that's why we have so many to choose from.  I get annoyed when I hear comments like "the iPad is so much better than the Surface" or vice versa.  If you take the time to educate yourself about the products out there before you buy, you will find that comparing these tools can be like comparing mangos to tomatoes (the tomato being the Surface tablet due to its versatility, lol). 

Make a list of your needs when it comes to your tablet purchase.  "YES" the iPad was easier to learn and bond with initially.  But ultimately it is too limited for "all" of my needs.  The iPad is a great lightweight, portable, companion to your smartphone and your laptop. With patience and practice... my lightweight, portable, Microsoft Surface tablet(s) have actually "replaced" my laptop. 

I hope that this article will be helpful to many.  What has your tablet experience been like?

Michelle Jamieson
Interior Designer and Author of

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  1. Michelle, Thanks for the review! I am actually at a point where I am considering getting one, but couldn't decide which one I should get, and me being an android person, instead of an iphone, I was leaning toward the Surface. This helps even more! Love the table, looks like mine sometimes!

  2. Chrystal I'm so glad I could be of help! I'm still learning, but it gets better every time I use my Surface tablet. One thing I forgot to add was how Google Chrome does not work well on this Windows 8 touch screen device... once I switched to Internet Explorer I was able to write this post without my words hiding behind and underneath my keyboard (ugh). I too am an Android user btw. Thanks so much for reading and for your comments too!
    Michelle Jamieson

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