Friday, August 30, 2013

Fabric Shopping Fieldtrip for Home Decorating Inspiration!

Recently I had the opportunity to go fabric shopping.  You might think that I do that all the time being that I’m a designer/ fabricator and all that.  Nope.  My whole life it’s been a favorite thing of mine to do though.  About 12+ years ago, I started selling fabrics.  I sell about 10 different lines of fabrics & trims now, so I have a sample room off of my workroom/design studio and it’s filled with sample books!  Sounds fabulous, right?  Well – yes and no.  If I only get to go shopping for fabrics like ONCE a YEAR if even THAT?  How INSPIRING it is to GO to the fabric store. 
Okay, no offense to the local ‘chain’ fabric stores, but that’s NOT what I’m referring to here.  I pop into those stores a few times a year but I DON’T go there for fabric.  I’m usually there when I run out of thread or when I broke my seam ripper (yes I DO make mistakes and do have to use my seam ripper).  But more often then not, I’m there just to buy supplies for Christmas cookie decorating or for another crafty project.
When I’m at my favorite local fabric store, I am overwhelmed with a feeling that I’ll try to describeRolling on the floor laughing  It’s almost like coming home and feeling relieved that HOME is still there?  Wondering why I don’t come back more often?  Feeling like perhaps I should buy more fabrics for my jobs there, and help contribute to the LOCAL ECONOMY?  When I do shop there for my clients, I take pictures of the fabrics that I think would look fabulous and unique in their home.  In order to save having to go back a second time – I  make sure my clients are at LEAST available by phone when I’m there for them, so that I can get an OKAY on a fabric and take it home that day.
I do take lots of extra pictures while I’m there, download and file them when I get home, and I refer to them over the next few months for INSPIRATION for other jobs. That file (called “Summer Fabrics 2013”) my friends, is what I’m sharing with you (my fabulous & loyal readers) in this post!
Perhaps you don’t have a privately owned fabric store nearby like I do.  Or if you do, maybe the buyers aren’t as savvy as they are at this store – our selection is absolutely TO DIE FOR!!!  (I do have to be honest though and say that some of these fabrics are SECONDS.)  A lot of my clients that shop here don’t realize that and as a result, I have been given a roll of fabric now and again from this store… full of flaws which makes it very difficult to work with depending on what I’m making.  When I buy fabric here I am watching like a HAWK when they roll it out for me – I have them slow down so that I can inspect it closely.
So I was trying to narrow my photos down in order to showcase the best ones for you here in this article.  But I STILL ended up with about 50 photos to show you.  So that was when I decided to use my favorite PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE again (I use it every single day, on my Android phone, my laptop AND my MS Surface Pro Tablet!) Remember this and TRY IT if you haven’t already – it’s called FOTOR!  Fotor has many great features and you can make collages with it too.  I can even watermark my photos in TEXT.
Grouping all of these photos by COLOR, to make multiple collages allowed me to try some NEW styles within the Fotor COLLAGE section.  I’ve discovered a couple of new FUNKY COLLAGES that I will use from now on!  This article is not sponsored by them by the way – although I would be glad to sponsor them because I love their software that much! 
Another thing I’m trying for the first time right now is Windows Live Writer WLW.  I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient with my business.  So as much as I LOVE to write and do the marketing and social media, it does sometimes get in the way of me being able to SEW and finish up jobs in a timely manor.  I read that Windows Live Writer software is something that a lot of bloggers can’t live without.  It allows us to write blog posts when there is no access to the internet – no wifi.  Which is when I should be writing my blog posts.  When I’m at my son’s band practice… waiting in the lobby… at the Lake and the service is not good, so we tend to get bumped off-line frequently.  So I thought I was going to have to come up with extra funds to invest in this software (which I do NOT like to do like EVER), but I found the download for Windows Live Writer and it happens to be FREEEEEE!  Yay!  Here is a link if you are interested in trying it for your own blog (after you’re done perusing my blog of course:  Windows Live Writer & other Essentials Free Download
What colors and fabrics are YOU drawn to right now?  Are you still in SUMMER mode like I am or are you already thinking FALL
I hope you enjoyed this little field trip to my local fabric store without leaving the comfort of your home! 
Until next time…
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  1. Hi Michelle, I am drooling with envy. Your photos of fabric are lovely. I do not have a local fabric store that is not a chain or quilt shop. How nice to have such a beautiful selection of decorator fabrics in your neighborhood. I didn't see the name of the store in your post. Do they offer mail order?
    I enjoy reading your blog and learning about time saving tips you use in your workroom. You have put together some very beautiful projects.
    My workroom is in Washington state and is called Curtains by Design.

  2. Kathy thank you for your comment. I wanted to sory of put a plug in for privately owned stores in general, and about the great fabrics this season. I was not doing an article to specifically advertise for this store so I tried to keep tags and signs out of this one. So glad you visited my blog.

  3. These fabrics are beautiful! I love how you've grouped them!!! Working on paints right now, but fabrics will be on the list soon!!! Glad you stopped by earlier for a little visit -- excited to follow along with your design ideas! XO, Aimee

  4. Michelle, We share the love of fabric. I could look at your fabric photos all day.
    I'm off to check out Fotor and Windows Live Writer.
    Thanks for the tips and an inspiring post

  5. Thanks so much Aimee! I have been painting lately too - oh how I wish there were more hours in the day to get everything accomplished that I need to! Thanks so much for stopping by ;-) Michelle

  6. Marie; So nice to see you here! Glad you enjoyed my fabrics. I hope you like Fotor and Windows Live Writer as much as I do ;-) Michelle

  7. hello Michelle, Love fabric too and there are a few fabric stores I do go to - one in particular has two special sales where the fabric is sold by the pound - so very much fun! Love your collages of the fabrics!

  8. I would give birthrights to my favorite kitty cat, just to have a fabric store to go to!!! (ugh...sentence structure :^(
    We have one big box store with a 10 year old choice of fabrics. period. end of report! That leaves me ordering from the internet, and never knowing whether anything will match when it arrives. You should start an
    e-business...taking a color scheme and shipping out the fabrics to make it work.....I know, I know totally impractical, but still............
    fabricless in central Texas


I LOVE your comments thanks so much!


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