Saturday, September 14, 2013

What Can You Get For a Dollar These Days?

boxes post pic 1

If you’re in the right place at the right time – you can get more for your DOLLAR than you might think.  Best advice?  Have a wad of $1 bills in your pocket...
That way you are ready to barter... and offer the lowest  (but be fair) amount to begin.

boxes post pic 2

It does take more than just luck though.  Stopping at yard sales / garage sales has to be something you will take the time to do.  This HANDSOME set of herringbone and leather boxes just needed a little hot glue after I got home.

boxes post pic 3

Then I had to figure out what I would use them for.  We have a cupboard that is crowded with lots of boxes of herbal tea that we don’t drink very often.  We need more space for dishes in that cupboard so why not put the tea in these boxes, and place them on top of the fridge?  Hmmm, I like that idea, let’s try it!

boxes post pic 4

Hey, now I’m getting brave, showing the world the INSIDE of my cupboards!  Well, this is ONE cupboard I’m not ashamed to show.  You see, many moons ago, I was so desperate to brighten up the inside of that cupboard, that I used the leftover sky blue paint from one of my boys bedrooms to paint the inside walls of it (and I painted the shelves white).  I just LOVED it instantly and it’s always seemed like a CHEERY cupboard ever since!  Do my cups and glasses all match?  No way!  We have an eclectic collection of glasses & it all works out just fine.

boxes post pic 5

Okay now for the photo of my refrigerator door clutter revealed to the world.  
I cheated and de-cluttered before snapping this shot Laughing out loud.  

I found that picture of my 3 boys when cleaning behind the refrigerator (oh my, 
had it been that many years since I cleaned behind the refrigerator?  I hope not!).  

The old post card was from my husband’s Grandmother and I thought it was so pretty.  

Last but not least, our very first Grandbaby Lillian 
gets front row and center stage on the fridge with her birth announcement.  
She’s such a love, I wish I could just kiss her SWEET little face every day Red heart

boxes post pic 6

I took some photos without the magnets too – since I couldn’t decide back then, how much I really wanted to reveal to you all.  Next, I will show you INSIDE my refrigerator… 
haha, just kidding Surprised smile

boxes post pic 7

I’m not big on too many accessories.  I’m also not much of a tchotchke person.
(pronounced CHACH-KEE)
So the accessories in my home (that I put in place anyway) are pretty minimal unless they are pieces that have a function.  For the sake of the photo, I threw these apples that I already had, in a glass bowl and I thought that looked really nice – I like it a lot actually.  Then I decided that this old scale that we picked up a few months ago might also look nice up there…   

boxes post pic 8
So  CHEER UP!  You really CAN  get something good for a dollar these days!  And this big expenditure of mine also bought me more space in a prime real estate cupboard!  I don’t have a pantry so that is worth much more than the $1 spent, BELIEVE me! 

boxes post pic 9

Thanks for stopping by New England Style.  I’m off to my workroom to finish up a sewing job.  Make the most of your weekend, please share, comment, follow my blog and come back to read more if you enjoyed it!


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  1. Love those boxes. What a great bargain at $1.

    1. Thanks so much Chrystal! I'm liking them more and more as the day goes on. And wouldn't you know, my son asked me where the tea went just as I was hitting "publish" on my post haha. Michelle

  2. Replies
    1. Yes indeed it was - thanks for stopping by ;-)


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